“Non-elementary bitumen”: will the participants of the IT competition be able to come up with a solution that will help influence the construction of high-quality roads? 5.5

“Gazpromneft – Bitumen Materials” together with ITMO University with the support of the Digital Downstream Accelerator from Gazprom Neft will hold an IT competition for programmers. The purpose of the hackathon is to develop a mathematical model for predicting the quality of a component (namely a high—tech binder) for the construction of Russian roads.

Gazpromneft — Bituminous Materials, being the technological leader of the industry, cannot but focus on the expansion of IT technologies for automation and digitalization of operational processes. In addition, it is important for such enterprises to continuously improve the quality of products — hence the idea of developing digital tools for modeling the component composition of modified bitumen.

To achieve this goal, an IT competition for programmers – hackathon “Non—elementary bitumen” will be held. Its participants will have to create an effective mathematical model for predicting the main quality indicators of polymer-bitumen binders (PVB) — materials based on base bitumen with the addition of polymers such as styrene-butadiene-styrene and plasticizer.

Compared with the base bitumen, PVB is better resistant to deformation, temperature and wear resistant.

During the hackathon, participants will need to lay down in the model ways to evaluate such quality indicators as the depth of penetration of the needle, elasticity, extensibility at different temperatures. In the future, this will lead to faster development of new materials for the road surface and the appearance of high-quality and durable roads.