History of SMS messages development

A person’s life does not stand still. The end of the 20th century is a time of scientific and technological revolution, the end product of which is the appearance of a cell phone in our lives. Until now, this necessary item exists, it is unlikely that it will disappear from use or something new will appear, it only continues to improve.

At the end of the 20th century, the availability of communication facilities was high, but there were many places in the world where these facilities were not available to people. For example, two-thirds of the world’s population did not have a telephone in their homes. What has changed now, in the 21st century?

Today, cell phones can be found in almost any person; communication salons offer many models from various manufacturers. We all appreciated the advantage and convenience of wireless cellular communication, every year there are more and more handsets. Thus, a person has come to a new form of communication – communication by cell phone. We are interested in communicating via SMS.

In the 21st century, the speed of message transmission has greatly increased. Fast communication makes it easier for people to organize modern business, sports competitions, and political events.

What is the SMS service- e port?

SMS1-e-port service is an opportunity to pay for goods and services via SMS. For payment, it is enough to send an SMS message of a certain format from a mobile phone. The operation is performed within a few minutes. SMS service is available not only in the “home” network, but also in roaming mode. You need to register your phone to be able to use the e-port SMS service.

The set of services that can be paid via SMS service is constantly updated. Full information about the currently available SMS service commands can be found on the websites, in addition, goods and services that can be paid for via SMS service are marked on the e-port website with an icon

The e-port SMS service also provides the client with the opportunity to access a number of services via the e-port card by sending a short command in the form of an SMS message. The response of the e-port System about the result of the operation or the requested information is also transmitted to the Client’s phone in the form of an SMS message.