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The concept of testing

Testing is the language used when writing SMS. Its characteristics:

An abundance of abbreviations (Spocky noki!- good night!)

Disregard for the rules of spelling and punctuation (Che chiba nada)

Highlighting the telephone argot. (Change your SIM card, I’ll use it)

The presence of profanity.(Well, you’re a kazel!!!)

Transmission through words and signs of various emotions (for example, three exclamation marks at the end of a statement convey anger or delight) – (Where the hell are you!!!)

Using numbers to denote a part of a word (to4- exactly)

Linguistic aspects of SMS

Text compression. The volume of SMS is limited, so you need to figure out how to put [...]

Dreams of the spring of artificial intelligence

By the fall of 2022, the editors of Naked Science looked around and decided that it was time to launch a series of articles about artificial intelligence. We start with a large article, the subtitle of which could be the phrase “a brief introduction to the history of AI — from medieval monks to deep learning.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) — almost everyone knows these two words, but few people can give a clear definition and explain what it is. Our ideas about AI are formed more by Hollywood cinema than by a real understanding of the technologies behind this word. Cinema, [...]

The android was taught a sense of humor 5.5

Japanese scientists have developed an artificial intelligence system for the android Erica, which allows her to react naturally to the laughter of the interlocutor. Now Erica can not only recognize a person’s laughter, but also determine whether she should laugh in response and what type of laughter to use for this.

Scientists from Kyoto University (Japan) have developed an artificial intelligence system that allowed the Japanese android robot Erica to respond appropriately to the laughter of the interlocutor. At the same time, scientists did not seek to make Erica detect laughter or respond to a joke, but tried to endow artificial [...]