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History of SMS development

The history of SMS development is very interesting. For 14 years this service remained unclaimed, and then in a short period of time it became almost the main source of additional income for most operators. It all started back in 1991, when the Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) proposed a mechanism for exchanging small blocks of text information between mobile subscriber stations. In December 1992, Vodafone engineer Neil Papworth sent colleagues the world’s first SMS message containing a short congratulations on the upcoming Christmas from his phone. A technology was born that subsequently changed the mobile lives of millions of people [...]

“Angry? Bad? Good!”: what is the ethics of artificial intelligence and how it helps to make algorithms useful and safe for people 5.3

How can AI have ethics at all? He’s inanimate! Of course, by itself, it cannot distinguish between good and evil. The task of humanity is not to make AI look like a human, but to teach it to act based on the principles of justice and morality, and not at all as most people usually do. Naked Science answers popular questions about who and why formulates ethical principles for AI, and where and how they are applied.

Ethics is something from philosophy, isn’t it? What is it all about?

Indeed, initially ethics is a philosophical discipline about the norms of behavior towards [...]