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History of SMS messages development

A person’s life does not stand still. The end of the 20th century is a time of scientific and technological revolution, the end product of which is the appearance of a cell phone in our lives. Until now, this necessary item exists, it is unlikely that it will disappear from use or something new will appear, it only continues to improve.

At the end of the 20th century, the availability of communication facilities was high, but there were many places in the world where these facilities were not available to people. For example, two-thirds of the world’s population did not have [...]

Female gamers behave like men in order to be taken seriously 5.5

Today, about half of all computer game lovers are female, but in the public consciousness it is still considered predominantly male entertainment. As a result, female gamers, in order not to be treated down and taken seriously, are forced to demonstrate stereotypically masculine character traits in order to gain recognition from other players.

Computer games have become a mass hobby for people of all genders and ages for many years, but social stereotypes are indestructible: when the word “gamer” most often there is an image of a young guy “stuck” to the monitor. Women are usually credited with a hobby except [...]